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Sir Ken Robinson sees the violence inherent in the system.

This is entertaining and at least a little thought-provoking: I agree that standardized testing is disastrous, and I think many (if not most) people working in education would agree.  One problem I see in thinking through how this might apply … Continue reading

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The power of positive thinking(?)

I’ll be frank: I have not been happy with my dissertation process lately.  From articulating major questions to identifying key actors to framing a narrative arc for the (hopefully) eventual book, it seems as though since my prospectus defense I’ve … Continue reading

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Everything old is new again.

There’s a reason I don’t read the Wall Street Journal, and it’s pretty much the same reason I don’t watch Fox News: I’m not particularly interested in antediluvian op-eds.  This recent article from WSJ is a great example. The article … Continue reading

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