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Hypocritical and appalling, indeed.

Via Jezebel: Because buying light bulbs is totally like getting an abortion, am I right, ladies?  Paul tells Hogan that it’s “hypocritical and appalling” that she and other members of the Obama administration support one kind of choice (women’s access … Continue reading

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Artist Michael Hansmeyer makes these incredible columns by stacking laser-cut slices of millimeter-thick cardboard to create intricate, smooth-looking solid forms.  The computer algorithim was developed by Edwin Catmull, who is now the president of Pixar, to render curved solids using … Continue reading

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And now for something I actually like.

Since I want this blog to be more than a clearinghouse for things in the cultural ether that I find supremely irritating and/or downright offensive, I present you with something I actually like: Okay, it’s not the prickly pear tree, … Continue reading

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