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Alondra Nelson and the Black Power Mixtape

I’m watching this installment of Mark Anthony Neal’s Left of Black, in which he interviews Columbia sociologist Alondra Nelson about her forthcoming book Body and Soul: The Black Panther Party and the Fight Against Medical Discrimination.  Although my copy of … Continue reading

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RIP Dame Liz

Two clips, from Historiann and Towleroad, respectively, to commemorate the passing of actress, icon, and AIDS advocate Dame Elizabeth Taylor: The latter video lays it on a little thick, but Taylor was an early and important celebrity advocate for AIDS … Continue reading

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BREAKING: I just saw this (via self-described “dim sum Jew” Ruby) on Facebook: Fight the hate with song.  And hand claps.  So many hand claps.

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James Buckanan? Isn’t he a porn star?

I’ve been intermittently following the Times‘ “Disunion” series, not to be confused with Elizabeth Varon‘s masterful book of the same title, via Facebook, and yesterday’s post by Jean Baker caught my attention.  She describes why James Buchanan deserves recognition for … Continue reading

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My favorite things.

The following video brings together some of my favorite things, namely Simian Mobile Disco, early 90s Madonna realness, and lesbians. Yeah, so it’s a little bit camptastic in vein of a film production/GLBT studies double major senior project, but I.  … Continue reading

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Everything old is new again.

There’s a reason I don’t read the Wall Street Journal, and it’s pretty much the same reason I don’t watch Fox News: I’m not particularly interested in antediluvian op-eds.  This recent article from WSJ is a great example. The article … Continue reading

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Here’s something that sucks.

Perhaps you’ve seen the latest series of Dockers ads, imploring today’s men to step up and “wear the pants.”  The man-centric campaign actually rolled out a few months ago; I figured it had foundered on the shoals of its own … Continue reading

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