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AIDS Image Quilt

Inspired by this ProfHacker post, I made a quick ImageQuilt based on a Google image search of “aids activist art.” The interface seems relatively easy, and it could make for the basis of an interesting assignment—maybe one to talk about … Continue reading

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Saturday Fun-Time Round-Up

1. My friend Ben’s December mix, You + Me, over at weiwabo, my friend Mon’s super-hip craft blog.  One of the tracks is a chillgaze* cover of The Hives’ “Hate to Say I Told You So,” and the whole thing … Continue reading

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Ward Shelley, knowledge, and maps.

Ward Shelley has been getting a lot of attention lately (at least in my corner of the internet) for his map of the history of science fiction: Among other projects, including performance art, installations, and sculptural work, Shelley specializes in … Continue reading

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Artist Michael Hansmeyer makes these incredible columns by stacking laser-cut slices of millimeter-thick cardboard to create intricate, smooth-looking solid forms.  The computer algorithim was developed by Edwin Catmull, who is now the president of Pixar, to render curved solids using … Continue reading

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Storage envy.

Via makezine, a wonderful example of form following function: Of course, this would only exacerbate my tendency toward book-hoarding.

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In “Traumgedanken,” art student Maria Fischer uses different colors of thread to represent the connective themes in a book comprising different approaches to the study and interpretation of dreams.  The resulting tome is a meta-text whose hypertextual elements (those would … Continue reading

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Another one for the faux-vintage poster file.

I swear I never envisioned this to be a blog about (fake) retro posters, but here we are.  Check out these vintage takes on recent movie posters by Tom Whalen.  If there was ever any question that I’m a total … Continue reading

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