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Lululemon: elevating the world from mediocrity to greatness!

I never intended for this to be a blog about the hilarity of Objectivist culture, but it really is the gift that keeps on (ironically?) giving.  So two things for today: the first is that the DVD release of Atlas … Continue reading

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Hypocritical and appalling, indeed.

Via Jezebel: Because buying light bulbs is totally like getting an abortion, am I right, ladies?  Paul tells Hogan that it’s “hypocritical and appalling” that she and other members of the Obama administration support one kind of choice (women’s access … Continue reading

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Oh sweet Christ, they made Eddie Willers black.

It’s actually happening: Paul Johansson’s adaptation of Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged is coming to the big screen, and on Tax Day, no less.  That’s about as subtle as writing a book in which the last bastion of classical liberalism is … Continue reading

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The ghost of neoliberalism past… and present, and probably future.

Probably my favorite thing about the recession (and there are so many things I like about the recession, it’s really hard to choose a favorite) is that Reagan-era officials are coming forward to be like, “Oh hey, we royally fucked … Continue reading

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