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Frankly missing the point.

Read this now: Maya Rupert’s criticism of Barney Frank for using of the phrase “Uncle Tom” in his rebuke of openly gay Republicans’ continued support of a party that seems increasingly retrograde on just about everything, but especially on social … Continue reading

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Check this mess.

Due to a budget shortfall running either near or well into (depending on who you ask) the NINE figures, the Philadelphia School District faces a massive restructuring that will strengthen the role of charter schools and private corporations in the … Continue reading

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Through snow, sleet, rain, and bankruptcy.

Here’s a major WTF item to go with your Labor Day barbecue: the U.S. Postal Service is so badly in debt that it soon may have to stop service altogether.  As internet traffic levels have increased over the past decade, … Continue reading

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Sir Ken Robinson sees the violence inherent in the system.

This is entertaining and at least a little thought-provoking: I agree that standardized testing is disastrous, and I think many (if not most) people working in education would agree.  One problem I see in thinking through how this might apply … Continue reading

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Speaking of the New York Times‘ “Disunion” series, this morning I woke up to see that former Temple professor (and esteemed member of my comps committee) Liz Varon actually had an entry at the beginning of the month on the … Continue reading

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The ghost of neoliberalism past… and present, and probably future.

Probably my favorite thing about the recession (and there are so many things I like about the recession, it’s really hard to choose a favorite) is that Reagan-era officials are coming forward to be like, “Oh hey, we royally fucked … Continue reading

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