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Fuel for morning lecture.

This summer I’m teaching my very first in-the-flesh course from my own syllabus, and it.  Is.  Terrifying.  Perhaps it’s appropriate, then, that I’m teaching a class on Cold War culture, since so far we’ve mostly been talking about anxiety in … Continue reading

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Ye Olde Royle Recipe Redux

I’ve been spending the beginning of my spring break in San Francisco.  I flew in Friday night after teaching in the afternoon, got up early yesterday for a race, went out dancing last night, and met my friends Matt and … Continue reading

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Requiem for a Recipe Column

I love Sundays.  Wow, what a sentiment, right?  That’s up there with “puppies are adorable” and “breathing is important” on the scale of uncontroversial statements.  But really, I do.  I like sleeping in and waking up without an alarm, going … Continue reading

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Broccoli rabe, bacon… need I say more?

Bacon seems to be doing pretty well these days, showing up in everything from mayonnaise to chocolate to my refrigerator.  Lately Anne Burrell’s lentils with bacon recipe has been one of my dinnertime staples, in addition to special occasion crowd … Continue reading

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Mes petits choux.*

My favorite thing about Moroccan dining isn’t the sizzling, sumptuous tagines or the endless cups of mint tea, but the muqabbilat (Arabic for “starters,” according to Wikipedia), the delicious, colorful collection of salads, relishes, and dips that, like the Levantine … Continue reading

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Memorial Day Brunch: Salade Gribichesque

Lately (as in, for the past two months) I’ve been kind of obsessed with this recipe for potatoes gribiche.  The dressing consists of shallots, oil, vinegar, capers, cornichons, hard-cooked eggs, paprika, salt, pepper and herbs, most of which I keep … Continue reading

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I am very good at life.

Since the semester is finally over, for the past week I’ve been able to put more time and energy into Ironman training.  In January I was going to sit down and write out a training plan that would take me … Continue reading

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