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Frankly missing the point.

Read this now: Maya Rupert’s criticism of Barney Frank for using of the phrase “Uncle Tom” in his rebuke of openly gay Republicans’ continued support of a party that seems increasingly retrograde on just about everything, but especially on social … Continue reading

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How to Survive a Plague

The ACT UP/TAG documentary How to Survive a Plague, which has a theatrical release set for September 22, has an official trailer… …as well as a tumblr of ACT UP images that also invites users to submit their own artwork about current … Continue reading

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Sh!tstorm @ Brainstorm

Since Monday, my Twitter feed has been blowing up with (brief) commentaries about Naomi Schaefer Riley’s recent post, “The Most Persuasive Case for Eliminating Black Studies? Just Read the Dissertations.” on the Chronicle of Higher Ed‘s group blog, Brainstorm. Riley … Continue reading

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Alondra Nelson and the Black Power Mixtape

I’m watching this installment of Mark Anthony Neal’s Left of Black, in which he interviews Columbia sociologist Alondra Nelson about her forthcoming book Body and Soul: The Black Panther Party and the Fight Against Medical Discrimination.  Although my copy of … Continue reading

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Through snow, sleet, rain, and bankruptcy.

Here’s a major WTF item to go with your Labor Day barbecue: the U.S. Postal Service is so badly in debt that it soon may have to stop service altogether.  As internet traffic levels have increased over the past decade, … Continue reading

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Major congratulations to my friend and haphazard femme idol, Jacqui Shine, whose article, “‘Open to the People for Their Free Assembly’: Tompkins Square Park, 1850–1880,” was just published in the Journal of Social History.  She’s a fantastic thinker and writer, … Continue reading

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Lavender scurred.

This month, University of Chicago Press is offering David K. Johnson’s excellent The Lavender Scare for free download as an e-book.  You’ll need Adobe Digital Editions to view it, which you can also download for free.  Links to both can … Continue reading

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