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Alondra Nelson and the Black Power Mixtape

I’m watching this installment of Mark Anthony Neal’s Left of Black, in which he interviews Columbia sociologist Alondra Nelson about her forthcoming book Body and Soul: The Black Panther Party and the Fight Against Medical Discrimination.  Although my copy of … Continue reading

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Coming back from Callay.

I was in the SF Bay area for the past two weeks, attending the Regional Oral History Office’s week-long summer institute on the theory and practice of oral history.  I got some great practical tips, a more solid theoretical grounding … Continue reading

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No jest.

You know when you run across something in the intertubez that makes you want to grab the person sitting nearest to you and shake them because it’s just SO EFFING AWESOME and you want someone to share it with right … Continue reading

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Lavender scurred.

This month, University of Chicago Press is offering David K. Johnson’s excellent The Lavender Scare for free download as an e-book.  You’ll need Adobe Digital Editions to view it, which you can also download for free.  Links to both can … Continue reading

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Storage envy.

Via makezine, a wonderful example of form following function: Of course, this would only exacerbate my tendency toward book-hoarding.

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In “Traumgedanken,” art student Maria Fischer uses different colors of thread to represent the connective themes in a book comprising different approaches to the study and interpretation of dreams.  The resulting tome is a meta-text whose hypertextual elements (those would … Continue reading

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