Summer Writes: Week 9

Welcome to week 9: we’re officially two-thirds done with Summer Writes! If you’re looking for other ways to crowdsource your writing accountability before the beginning of Fall Writes (date TBD), check out this post by Raul Pacheco-Vega on #GetYourManuscriptOut. Of course, there’s also the #GraftonLine Facebook group—and if you’re curious, a brief history of #GraftonLine. ProfHacker also had a post last week on tracking your writing, which has some great links and suggestions in the comments. And just in case you missed it, here’s a plug for my latest piece at Chronicle Vitae on why you should apply for a pre-doc and how to make one count.


Weekly Goals:

Meg: The goal for this week is to make sure I have all my illustrative data excerpts for each part of the typology I’m building, and to finish thinking through how it works conceptually. Goal is to write 750 new words every day! Secondary goal is to fine-tune job docs based on some feedback and politely harass my letter writers about getting the letters done for the first few job apps.

Dan: five 50-minute poms each day, plugging away at the article and devoting some serious time to teaching prep—for my two history classes I need to decide what books will need to be ordered from the campus bookstore, and for my DH class I need to decide on a topic for the class project. For the DH class I need to also look at examples of other people’s syllabi for ideas about readings and structure.

Nicole: 1) Change the identified typos in electronic diss. document.

2) Develop conclusion ideas on citizenship more (revision requested by committee). Can send this to my advisor starting early next week.

And as long as 2) is moving:

3) Work on NSF reporting some more.

4) Itemize the suggested R and R changes.


1) Begin editing footnotes for introduction (did that yesterday)
2) Obtain publication permission for photos (did not get to that one–will move that to next week)
3) Read two books for article revisions (also did not get to that–but the week’s technically not over…yet!)


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6 Responses to Summer Writes: Week 9

  1. Steph Hinnershitz says:

    Ah! I’m really late with this! My goals for this week were:

    1) Begin editing footnotes for introduction (did that yesterday)
    2) Obtain publication permission for photos (did not get to that one–will move that to next week)
    3) Read two books for article revisions (also did not get to that–but the week’s technically not over…yet!)

  2. droyles says:

    This is Dan posting on behalf of Nicole, who is away from a computer:

    In brief: this week I got thru my diss typos mostly and sent it to my personal editor to work on. This way all but the conclusion will be copy edited and many chapters will have some minor editing to make sentences clearer. Have worked on revision to conclusion (as committee wanted) but am still rereading my literature notes and rewriting more points in there, aiming to get the redone version in Tues. Afternoon to my advisor. I began planning my journal r and r this week but just beginning there. Have not worked on NSF final report or outcomes this week but need to do that still.

    • Nicole says:

      Thanks, Dan!! So my goals this week are
      1) Get revised conclusion to advisor (am done rereading stuff as far as I know; have brainstormed enough; time to finish tying it together) Tues. night or Wed.
      2) Accept or reject changes suggested by editor for the whole diss minus conclusion
      3) Do whatever tweaks with the conclusion are needed to make it pass; if time run it by editor, too, Thurs. or Mon.
      4) Write acknowledgements
      5) Format dissertation (margins, page numbers, section breaks, etc.)
      6) Reduce abstract to 350 words (shave off 100 or so)
      7) Submit diss electronically before Tuesday afternoon grad school appointment to close it all up
      8) Keep going with final report for NSF
      9) Keep planning R and R steps (rank priorities and keep separate reviewer issues that are not relevant, to respond in memo only)
      10) To not get lost every time I briefly try to plan for move, fall teaching

  3. droyles says:

    I did well with my goals last week, except for Thursday and Friday, when I fell apart a little bit. Part of the problem, I think, was that I stopped using Self Control on those days, and I really noticed a dip in focus and productivity. I did a fair bit of course planning, but forgot about my specific goals in terms of ordering books and deciding on class projects. Instead I did some preparatory reading and looked at sample syllabi. This week I’ll be in California visiting family and friends, so I’m wary about setting time goals. Monday through Wednesday I’m going to try to log at least four 50-minute poms a day on work, Thursday I’m going up to the Bay Area, and Friday I’m doing an oral history. Concrete goals for this week: figure out course books to order, prepare the oral history, get a post drafted for a new blogging project, and send an article draft to my advisor on Saturday.

  4. Meg Welsh says:

    Hi all, I plowed through the weekend and submitted full drafts of my first two chapters on Sunday afternoon–a whole six days earlier than my goal. I also applied for two jobs and finalized materials for four more. But now I am floundering. I am hesitant to work any more on the diss until I get my advisor’s feedback, lest I have veered way far off the trail, and the conference presentation I now need to prepare is kinda contingent on her comments as well. Blurgh.

    Goals for the week (subject to change):
    1. Work on sketching out the remaining two empirical chapters as I envision them, as well as a brief statement on the overall contributions of the diss for one of my letter-writers.
    2. Go through my past writing on this topic and assorted notes and start piecing together the intro/lit review chapter.
    3. Maintain sanity through deep breathing, controlled consumption of caffeine, and ample play time with the dog.

    Dan, enjoy CA!!!

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