Week 4 Wrap Up

We’re already one-third of the way through Fall Writes? Time sure flies when you

Photo from Rachel Wilkerson. Mug from Dear Sugar.

Photo from Rachel Wilkerson. Mug from Dear Sugar.

At least once during every writing group, I ask everyone to take stock of their progress and reassess their overall goals. Are you ahead of where you want to be? Behind? Right on target? If you need to alter your overall goals, that’s okay! Much better to give yourself reasonable benchmarks toward an attainable goal than to set your sights too high, get discouraged, and resigning yourself to watching all of Ally McBeal on Netflix. Of course, you can also set crazy ambitious goals for yourself and then exceed them, and if you do that, please let the the rest of us in on your secret.

So, let us know in the comments how you did this week, what you’ll do in the coming week, and how you’re doing vis-à-vis your overall goals. Happy writing, everyone!

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5 Responses to Week 4 Wrap Up

  1. So I did pretty good this week! I knocked out a revision of my grant proposal that is SIGNIFICANTLY improved from the earlier version and I was on top of teaching (for the most part!).

    I am feeling a bit overwhelmed at the prospect of consolidating and organizing everything for the ACTR grant (I still have to write a research synopsis in Russian of my work) and revise my policy relevance and proposal one more time AND I haven’t actually filled out the grant yet or picked up transcripts, but I can do all of that on Monday right!?!?!

    Having this grant sent in will be a relief, but there is always more work to be done right!
    So overall goals for this week:
    1. Turn in and complete snailmail grant (this is the only grant that makes me actually send it, and 4 collated copies no less!) by 4:00pm on Tuesday (or later via fedex).
    2. Write a ‘synthesis’ paper by Sunday at 12:00

    At this point it’s just do whatever needs to be done and get the papers in! Both of these have a hard deadlines that I can’t miss so I am going to just say do however and as many poms as it takes!!

  2. droyles says:

    I definitely did not meet all of my time goals this week, but I did submit a full draft of my dissertation to my advisor on Wednesday! After that, I felt really good about work for the rest of the week, and today I also submitted a Big Deal Fellowship application, and have one more to send in this week, along with four job applications. Most of today has been devoted to getting all of those things in order. Yesterday, I also got an unexpected delight–Cathy Hannabach’s class on “Radical Autobiography” at Temple looked at some of my oral and digital history work this week! It was really invigorating to hear that someone is already using this work in the classroom, and students seemed to respond well to it–I followed some of their conversation on Twitter.

    This week I need to get all of my applications in for the October 1st deadlines, and I also need to map out what the rest of the semester is going to look like in each of my classes, and then distribute assignment sheets for their oral presentations. I’m not sure when I’m going to get comments back on my draft, but whenever those drop, I need to start in on them right away. I like the routine I set last week of doing Rosetta Stone in the mornings, so I’ll continue that this week. On top of the two Rosetta Stone poms, I think another six poms of work a day is reasonable, so that’s going to be my goal for Monday through Thursday and Saturday. Friday is my busiest teaching day, and since I end at 5 PM, I’m writing Fridays off in terms of any other kind of work, unless it’s absolutely necessary.

    • Historiann says:

      Congrats on submitting your draft! This is a huge milestone.

      Do you really think you MUST work on revisions as soon as you get any comments back on the diss.? I don’t know what your goals are, but If you’re happy with graduating in the spring, shouldn’t you instead prioritize the fellowship and job applications? You can always get back to the diss. after December 1 (just two months away, BTW), or whenever your last job apps. are due, and revise so as to keep your mind from stewing over whether or not you’ll get any interviews. (It’s a good idea to have something to keep you busy in December and January.)

      • droyles says:

        Hey, Historiann!

        It would be so, so nice to let it sit, but I’ve already scheduled my defense for the end of October because I’m teaching in France this year (natch) and I have limited opportunities to come back and defend. I also feel a lot better being on the market if I can say that I’m defending next month rather than at some point “in the spring.” My advisor seems to have liked all of the chapters individually so far, so it’s just(?!) a matter of seeing how the whole thing jells.

        PS Thanks again for donating to and plugging the Kickstarter back in February. That was a seriously cool moment for me!

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